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High School Program


The Elite Swimmer Program (ESP)

~ A collaboration between Mississauga Swimming & Erindale Secondary School ~


In 2007, Mississauga Swimming collaborated with Erindale Secondary School to review opportunities to support our student athletes.  The result was the creation of ESP, an effective, supportive and flexible learning environment that allows the Elite Swimmer to strive for academic and athletic excellence with an aim to continue swimming at the varsity level.  Erindale Secondary School is located close to UTM, our home pool, making this an ideal location for our swimmers.  We are fortunate to have the enthusiastic support of the teaching staff, in particular from the Head of Guidance, Poul Von Bulow, and the school's Principal, Stuart Shaw.

Program Highlights

  • Qualifications
  • Balance of timetable schedule where possible to reflect the needs of the student's academic, practice and meet schedules while fulfilling the scholastic requirements.
  • Teaching & counselling to help swimmers reach their goals.
  • Guidance and support mechanisms to meet the requirements of acceptance along with potential scholarships to the best-suited post-secondary varsity opportunities available.
  • Program coordinators are:
  • Kevin Anderson, MSSAC's Head Coach
  • Poul Von Bulow, Head of Guidance at Erindale S.S. and our Erindale Elite Swimmer Coordinator (EESC)
  • Involved at the provincial/national level of performance.
  • Recommended by the MSSAC Head Coach.
  • Approved for acceptance into the program by the EESC & Erindale Administration.

During The Program

  • The Head Coach will advise the Principal, the EESC and teachers of meet and practice commitments so the swimmers can make alternative arrangements where required and possible.
  • Each Elite Swimmer will keep their Teachers aware of training and competition schedules and discuss strategies necessary to achieve success in the classroom.
  • Swimmers must maintain a satisfactory academic standing in all subject areas.
  • The flex-boundary offering requires that students maintain good attendance & academic standing.
  • Swimmers will be part of Erindale’s swim team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who has the authority to approve the transfers from another high school?
  • The Peel Board has flex boundaries that allow the Principal to accept students from another area including Separate Schools.  Approval has been received from the Superintendent to include students from grades 9-12 in the program.
  • How are athletes selected?
  • The process begins in January when our Head Coach reviews the swimmers' progress, in particular for the 13-year olds, to identify candidates.  Parents will be contacted to see if they're interested in exploring the program. From there, arrangements will be made to meet with Erindale's EESC to review what the school offers along with the student's academic standing & goals.
  • It's never too late to transfer!  Current high school students & those in grade 8 can approach our Head Coach anytime.
  • How long is the walk from the high school to the pool?
  • There is a paved, lit pathway (that’s plowed in the winter). It’s 0.7 miles long and take 17 minutes to walk.  There are also emergency call boxes on UTM's campus.
  • What happens if a swimmer stops swimming?
  • The outcome will be situation specific. For example, if a swimmer is entering their senior year and is in good standing, Erindale would not force this student to leave.
  • Can lower course loads be accommodated, grade 12 in particular?
  • Erindale encourages students to complete high school in 4 ½ to 5 years. This allows for a co-op program and lighter course load in their senior years.

What is the Transfer Process?

  • Once approved by MSSAC's Head Coach & by Erindale's Administration, complete the Flex Boundary Application & obtain sign-off by the Principal of your current high school (which is the high school in your district that you would have 'normally' attended).  The form can be obtained from Erindale's guidance department.
  • Return the completed Flex Boundary Application to our EESC (Poul Von Bulow) who will in-turn obtain approval from Erindale's principal.  Note that some Principals may forward the form directly to Erindale, which is absolutely fine.
  • Once approved, the EESC will contact you for a registration interview.  This meeting includes the parents/guardians & the swimmer.  For this meeting, please bring the following: the completed Flex Boundary Application, a utility bill to prove that you are a Peel resident, emergency contact information along with the swimmer's health card & medical contacts.  The most important aspect will be to reviewe course selection and academic goals, so please be prepared to discuss these details. .
  • That's all there is to it! 

For more information, please contact our Head Coach, Kevin Anderson at 647-244-3001 or via email at